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When I was a small kid, my mother had been told me story of “Fairy Teeth” tale story. At the age of 3-14 I got milky teeth. My mom insists me to brush the teeth 4 times a day it keeps me to fight against with germs and cavities. A healthy oral practice is the key success of maintaining good health. So practicing oral is good.


Veneer is a layer and is material which is placed over a tooth, is to protect the surface from damage. There are two type material is used, that is 1. Dental Porcelain 2. Composite.

The Full veneer crown is described as “A restoration that covers all the coronal tooth surfaces.


DVA in Port Macquarie

To overcome all problems related to dental, we have to go through oral practice regularly. A regular dental checkup makes teeth very clean and hygienic that especially for kids who are the age of 3-14.

Teeth whitening make us so confident and also we look very attractive. For this we have do practiced oral regularly.



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